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Package Design & Engineering


Protective packaging is not accidental; it serves a valid need. The most essential function of a package is to ensure the packed product reaches the consumer in the same perfect state as it left the factory.

Packaging must be able to protect the product from the environment and withstand transportation and handling challenges such as shock, vibration, weather, moisture, pressure, dust and dirt.

Please feel free to contact us regarding the following:

    • Streamline packaging material usage and processes to reduce cost and increase your production/manufacturing efficiency
    • Passing small parcel transit testing (UPS, FedEx, and other transit)
    • Design and development of a packaging solution to reduce damage throughout transit and handling processes.
    • Evaluation of your current packaging system
    • Inquiries on price quotations for new or existing applications

In addition, our team of packaging engineers and designers can assist with providing an assessment of your packaging process as well as assisting with third party shipper certifications and drop testing.