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How does working with Styrene Products Inc benefit my company?

Styrene Products offers value added services to help your company gain a competitive advantage in today's marketplace. Our services to benefit your company include:
  • Increasing your production efficiency by eliminating/simplifying steps in your production process
  • Reducing high damages from shipping and handling
  • Reducing costs associated with the packaging process rework
  • Providing the most cost effective solution for delivery
  • Having the ability for short manufacturing lead time
  • Easy part changes without extra molding or programming charges
  • Manufacturing and fabricating on short notice for emergency turn around parts AND delivered within reasonable delivery date
  • Reduced packaging labor cost and increased throughput when compared to products such as foam in place

Our EPS foam parts give you what you need, where you need it, and when you need it! Custom fabricated foam parts does not mean expensive, it means COST EFFECTIVE!

Call (715) 359-6600 or email today and see how Styrene Products can help your company in today's economy.


Here is a short video on Styrene Products and demonstrating our packaging in action!

(Skip to 0:40 to view drop testing)


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