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Company History



Styrene Products, Inc. (SPI) Timeline
1978 - Founder Eldred (Al) Drescher began operation in a 12,000 sq. ft. building in Weston, WI. At that time SPI molded and fabricated flat stock R-Board and tapered insulation for the construction industry.
1980 – The Weston, WI facility was expanded by 12,000 sq. ft. and upgrades in technology and machinery added packaging and component foam products to our business model.
1995 - An additional 13,500 sq. ft. building expansion was made to the Weston, WI facility to increase warehousing space and house our administrative staff.  
1999 – A 27,000 manufacturing and warehouse facility was built in Arcadia, WI to expand our services to Western Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa.  
2006 – A second manufacturing and warehouse facility comprising 45,000 sq. ft. was built in Arcadia, WI. Matthew Drescher appointed President of Styrene Products, Inc.