1 - Where is Styrene Products located? 

Styrene Products, Inc. is located at 5320 Fuller Street in Weston, Wisconsin. We are just off Schofield Avenue, behind the Weston Lanes Bowling Alley and across from Veolia Environmental Services. Look for the black & red ‘Styrene Products’ sign and follow the driveway and signs to the office.

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2 - What are the hours of operation to drop off recyclables and what type of material can be recycled?
Styrene Products hours or operation are as follows:
Plant Facility
Monday thru Friday, 6AM-2PM
Business Office
Monday thru Friday, 7AM-4PM

You can drop off your WHITE expanded polystyrene (EPS) packaging foam at the plant facility loading dock between 6AM and 2PM Monday thru Friday, or at the front office after 2PM until 4PM. 

Before dropping off your EPS foam to recycle, please make sure it is clean, dry and free of all debris (such as dirt, grease, tape, plastic film, labels, cardboard, loose parts, or glue).
Click the "Eco-Green" tab on our website for additional information on recycling and the environment.
3 - How are your EPS products manufactured?
Our fabricated EPS products go through a streamlined process:
    • Start with a concept were size, shape, density and application determine design
    • Design on our CAD software. (Designs can be supplied by you or developed by our team of engineers and designers based on your specific application)
    • Sample the designed custom foam fabricated part. Our automated hot wire CNC cutting machines cut the foam shapes with tolerances within 1/16”.  (The range of shapes and designs that can be produced is nearly limitless)
    • Foam parts are inspected for quality assurance and packaged to be ready for delivery/pick up 
In addition, multiple components can be assembled to form end caps, trays, displays, or products consisting of multiple materials (for example: polyurethane, polyethylene, or laminate with corrugate). 
4 - How do I obtain a quotation or assistance with a design or product application?
All you need to do is call us at 715-359-6600 or fill out our online form on the "Contact Us" webpage tab and our innovative design and engineering team is at your service to understand your needs and application(s) to create solutions for your specific protective packaging, insulation, construction, or custom fabrication needs. 
5 - Where can I find information on other types of polystyrene and its application and uses?   
Polystyrene is one of the most widely used kinds of plastic and is available in a variety of forms, including Expanded Polystyrene (which we use) and Extruded Polystyrene. Polystyrene is also available in a wide variety of hard plastics. Additional information on other types of polystyrene and its application and uses can be found in the following links.
and our "Resources" tab on our website.