Why EPS?

Why is fabricated EPS a superior packaging material compared to other packaging products?

EPS is:

  • Adaptable - Virtually infinite design capabilities and can produce parts for any industry
  • Versatile - No molding costs allows for easy part changes without reproducing a mold and multiple densities allows for performance and cost changes
  • Cost effective - Considered one of the more cost effective materials available
  • Lightweight - Reduces total weight of products shipping charges and saves money
  • Thermal Resistant - Acts a great insulator for temperature sensitive and insulation applications
  • Excellent Shock Absorption - Lower densities for cushioning and abrasion, high densities for protection and stacking
  • Water & Moisture Resistant - Prevents bacterial growth and permeation
  • Military and Automotive industry accepted Tolerances
  • Environmentally friendly - Contains NO CFC's, HFC's, or HCFC's and is 100% recyclable
  • Superior stacking strength due to its unique physical makeup
  • Reduces supply chain waste, material waste, re-work, and transportation costs resulting from products that are damaged during shipping or handling compared to alternative packaging products
  • Low-set up cost - Saves time and money by not having to produce expensive molds 
  • More Environmentally friendly processes than pulp, foam-in-place, and other foams